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African Spirit Solar : Solar Installations

Installations are done by our qualified installers

Our geysers are designed to be installed on a flat or pitched roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is solar energy?

    Solar energy is a combination of ultra violet and infra-red raise generated from deep space, mainly generated by the sun, moon and the stars on a daily basis. The raise is captured in either evacuated tubes to generate heat in water heater or in amorphous solar panel to generate electricity.

  2. Does solar energy work efficiently on cloudy or rainy days?

    Yes it does. On overcast and rainy days we burn worse than in direct sun because the raise is concentrated. The fact that we don’t feel the heat does not mean that the raise is not absorbed.

  3. What is the cost of solar energy?

    Solar energy is free of charge. Various products can be bought but purchasing the correct quality product will result in huge financial savings. With African Spirit Solar we will definitely provide you best solution.

  4. What is the impact of temperature fluctuations on my solar system?

    Our system is designed not to be effected by any extreme weather conditions such as frost, snow, hail or heat waves.

  5. How much money will I save?

    Depending on the renewable energy change that you as our customer are prepared make, whether it is only a solar geyser, changing your lighting system or switching to a totally off grid system. You will save money!
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