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Our geysers are designed to be installed on a flat or pitched roof.


History of Solar

As far as the history of Solar goes we believe that the following is true…

Approximately 300 years BC, the Egyptians used mirrors to reflect the light from the Sun into their tombs to illuminate the way. They built houses which trapped the Sun's heat, allowing for lower day time and higher night time temperatures. It is also believed that the Egyptians also used a form of passive solar power to heat water.

The very first recorded Solar Collector was made in 1767 by Swiss inventor Horace de Soussare. He made a rectangular box, which he insulated and covered with glass. He placed two smaller boxes inside and put it out in the Sun. The bottom box heated to over 100 degrees C. This is now known as a hotbox and was used throughout the 18th and 19th centuries to test how much of the Sun's heat could be trapped.

The French physicist Edmond Becquerei was the first person to observe the Photovoltaic Effect, although he did not fully understand the principle.

The first solar PV cells were made in the 1880's and had an efficiency of around 2%. The first commercially viable Solar Geyser was patented in 1891 and it consisted of a copper tank painted black, placed at an angle to obtain the optimal heat.

Mr. W. J. Bailley invented a solar collector in 1908, which was made out of copper coils feeding an insulated box. This concept is still in use today.

In 1954, Bell Telephone Laboratories invented a 4% efficient photovoltaic solar panel, later improving it to 11% efficient. A small US satellite was powered by a cell producing less than one watt in 1958. In 1970, E. Burman developed solar cells which were significantly less costly.

The first amorphous solar panel was manufactured in 1976. By the 1190’s there were approximately 1.2 billion homes using solar geysers. Professor V.  Alberts of South Africa invented thin film solar modules in 2005.

Today the Solar Industry in South Africa and SADC Countries are growing at a rapid rate. Renewable energy is the only answer for the future of our people to become self-sustainable.

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