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African Spirit Solar : Solar Installations

Installations are done by our qualified installers

Our geysers are designed to be installed on a flat or pitched roof.

African Spirit Solar : Solar Geysers

Solar backup light systems

  • 6 X 3W LED Lights
  • 2 USB connectors
  • With controller
African Spirit Solar : Solar Lighting kids

Unit Price R 2500.00 (DIY System)

Products Features

  • The microprocessor smart control solar lighting kits are designed for users at remote or power shortage areas, homes, working, camping and also for small DC supply.
  • High performance high power low resistance MOS with charging PWM control.
  • This system has 6 sockets of DC 12V output, and 2 USB 5V, suitable for cellphone charging.

Functional Characteristics

  • Charging circuit is high power resistance MOS tandem control loop, loop pressure drop is small, PWM control charging. Battery overcharge, discharge, overload and unique short-circuit protection. (Longer battery life).
  • Lighting output overload protection function:
    When the lighting output current is more than 4A, the system working indicator will flash red and the lighting output will shut down automatically after 10 seconds.
  • USB output overload protection function:
    When the USB output current is more than 3A it will power off. 2A is recommended.
  • Charging and discharging function independently:
    Charging and discharging independently, can work at the same time.
  • LED indicator:
    Indicator blue light flashing means the system is charging.
    Indicator blue light on (no flashing) means the battery is charged full.
    Working indicator blue light on (no flashing) means the system is working well.
    Working indicator blue light flashing means low battery.
  • When power off the DC can still charge. The lighting kit will start and charge itself and will automatically power off when the DC is removed.
  • When the power is off the system current is less than 200 UA.
  • Wrong connection, short circuit and lightning protection inside.


Charger Input

Solar panel 20W/18V. 6 meter cable

Output Voltage

6 X DC 12V output. Maximum current 5A

2 X USB 5V output. Maximum current 2A

Overcharge Voltage

Battery 14.5V

Over discharge voltage

Battery 10.8V


12V/12AH Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery

Charge Time

Solar panel about 13 to 16 hours

Working Time

6 LED lights can work 13.5 hours after fully charged

6 LED lights and 1 USB 5W mini fan can work about 9.5 hours

Sleeping Current


Power off current

Less than 200 uA

African Spirit Solar : Solar Geysers African Spirit Solar : Solar Geysers
African Spirit Solar : Solar Geysers

African Spirit Solar
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