African Spirit Solar : Solar Geysers and Solar Energy


African Spirit Solar : Solar Installations

Installations are done by our qualified installers

Our geysers are designed to be installed on a flat or pitched roof.

Why Solar With Us

Reasons why everyone should consider changing to renewable energy (Solar) power:-

  • Excellent investment
    The value of your property should increase.

  • No maintenance
    Our Stainless Steel inner and outer vessels require no maintenance.

  • Durable
    We provide a non-pressure unit with pressure a pump with the result that the unit cannot burst. (±2.5 Bar)

  • Cost effective
    Immediate savings on your electrical bill.

    African Spirit Solar : Save electricity with Solar Geysers
    Save Electricity. SAVE MONEY!

  • Consistent supply
    You will always have hot water even when there are power cuts.

  • Environmentally friendly system
    Solar energy is generated from UV rays. (No CFS or radiation)

  • Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels (P.V.'s)
    Actual test results proof that it can produce between 10% and 20% more energy per year than your conventional solar panels of the same power, especially in areas which has many rainy days.

  • Guarantees
    12 Year Warranty, the highest in the country.

  • Professional
    Our fully trained staff is always ready to provide you with integrity and respect.

  • Reliability of supply
    Consumers are not guaranteed supply from the grid anymore; it is now time to become independent with one system.

  • Pricing structure
    Power generation cost will escalate to the extent that it will become unaffordable in the future. Independency means Solar hot water with us.

We will exceed your expectations, providing you with the best possible solution and product range on the market regarding your energy requirements.

Considering all the solutions you should not miss out on this opportunity to contact us before making a decision on you renewable energy source.

African Spirit Solar
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