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African Spirit Solar : Solar Installations

Installations are done by our qualified installers

Our geysers are designed to be installed on a flat or pitched roof.


About Us

African Spirit Solar was established in 2005 with the sole purpose to provide renewable energy solutions. We are a company that provides solar products internationally with the best standards available to make sure that our clients’ needs are satisfied.

With rising electricity cost in South Africa and the need for power solutions in Africa and Madagascar we believe that we can provide the most effective solutions for renewable energy on electricity and hot water.

Our Solar geysers were tested and proven with units installed nationally with huge success from Sutherland -10 degrees to Upington + 40 degrees. The systems are stainless steel vessels (Inner and outer) to ensure durability and have the longest factory guarantee nationally (12 Years).

Our products range from: -

  • Solar Geysers 100 litres , 200 litres and 300 litres.
  • Photovoltaic Systems (Standalone and Full Solar arrays)
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Interior and exterior lights ( Buildings and houses )
  • Totally off-grid systems can be designed for your specific needs  

Our vision is to constantly provide the best quality and most cost effective renewable energy systems to all levels of society in the negotiated distribution area namely SADC and Africa.

Our mission is to be a household name as a supplier of the best quality renewable energy products and to positively influence every customer by means of quality of life and savings.

Objectives, Values and Philosophy
This business will function as an autonomous supplier of quality products with written guarantees.

Create employment opportunities for people who desperately seek honest business.

Everybody will be treated fair and with respect as far as humanly possible, within the constraints of the laws of the country. Trust is not negotiable.

Continuously search for improved technology to enhance our products and customer satisfaction level.

The customer is king and the product is queen till death do us part.

African Spirit Solar
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